Avebury & Updates

This month has seen some new opportunities come along as well as amazing and unforgettable experiences. Firstly...the updates!

Next week the Second Edition of the Barcelona Contemporary is opening, and I will be showing my painting 'Crocus' alongside artists from many countries and backgrounds whose work is breathtaking.

Online you can also see my painting 'Soup' on the Babylon ARTS online exhibition, this is a showcase of stunning work from artists of Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds and communities. Here is the link:

I am so excited to be a part of these amazing exhibitions!!

Research Diary

I am currently carrying out research to inform my next body of work, you can read about the first journey in my last blog post 'Research Beginnings' link-

These last weeks saw awe-inspiring visits to Avebury Henge, the Savernake Forest, and the London Buddhist Centre.

The London Buddhist Centre

The centre is a place of complete tranquility within the heart of a busy and bustling area of London. I carried out this visit to deepen my understanding of contemporary Buddhist practice and the spaces that it inhabits. This visit was so informative and visually rich, and I am deeply grateful to the practitioner who introduced me to the different spaces and artworks within the centre. The ideas, concepts and imagery that were generated from this visit are still in the process of being worked into this project, so for now I will share an image of a beautiful mural that sits on an exterior wall of the centre, featuring the symbolically and spiritually significant lotus flower.

Avebury Henge and the Savernake Forest

Avebury and the Forest are places where songs and ancient chants still whisper on the wind, these sounds in turn inspired poetry for me as well as vibrant and energetic sketches.

The journey here began by walking the path of the serpent stones, from tail to belly. Gargantuan and monolithic are the only words I can think of to describe the scale of them; each has its own defining shape, stature and presence. I was particularly drawn to the intricate patterns formed by moss and lichen, their surface, concentric circles and constellations of yellows blues and browns.

Finally I will end this blogpost with a light hearted poem I wrote whilst in the Savernake forest.

Wood Pigeon

Wood Pigeon fumbles,

Bumbles and flaps

Crashing into small trees

And landing in thuds.

You coo gently from

Dawn to dusk,

Talking with neighbours,

Sharing stories and tales.

Lavender grey,

Shimmering neck,

The Emerald Duke of the woods.

Waddling over grassland and

Forest floor,

I think sometimes

You are misunderstood.

Thank you so much for your support and reading these, wishing you a wonderful summer, raincoats and all!!

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