Spring Update

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Learning from making applications

Here is a reflection of the less glamorous side of being an artist: applications. Over the last few months I have applied to residencies, grants, open calls, competitions, the list goes on: and I have learnt so much from this. Articulating your art practice in a way that is clear, concise and relevant to the opportunity is so much harder than I imagined when I wrote my first artist statement last year. I try to make each application better than the last and think that this is an ongoing story, but there are some key things I've picked up in these early stages of learning the process.

No.1- Nothing feels better after spending hours writing than a positive rejection.

It may sound counter intuitive but kind rejections are really encouraging and motivate me to write the next application. I think that the best way to see rejection is as a free opportunity to practice, improve, sometimes gain feedback, and have a clearer understanding of your own work: nothing is wasted when you are learning.

No.2- Don't apply for everything that you possibly can. I have already learned a small bit about the value of really researching an opportunity before you apply: make sure the fit is right for you before you invest time in an application. For me my first check is how feasible is it in practical terms (I can't do a residency in Scotland in the middle of a lockdown!). Next there is the harder part- assessing the possible outcomes of an opportunity, how much your practice fits with the ethos/style/image of the organisation: don't try and shoehorn your work in to a place where it doesn't fit.

No.3- Finally, and maybe most importantly, listen to your gut intuition, ask yourself honestly if it feels right. Then, if it does, go for it, there is nothing to loose, you will only grow and develop confidence and new skills!

Seasonal change and new work

The change of the seasons over this lockdown has given me an energy and positivity that has been so inspirational. So for this part of the post, I'm going to share some of my favourite pictures I've taken on walks over the last month.

To conclude this post I want to thank you for your support and reading these posts, I love writing them! I hope that you have been inspired by the new year in spite of restrictions and that the buzz of springtime is bringing you joy.

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