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Chisara Vidale is a London based emerging artist whose work examines our connections to each other and the natural world. Working predominantly as a painter, her practice is an exploration of the complex intersections between the anthropological, the natural and the metaphysical. Her visual language explores the sense of fluidity between the land and our visceral experience of it; acting as a kind of mirror to the human experience of interacting with changes in light and biology.

Her work reimagines this world without the physical boundaries between the artist and nature. In this space she explores the emotional and spiritual interactions with subtle changes in environment. Within this realm there is no hierarchy of being, so fungi, plants and animals all exist within the same collective experience. These works look to dismantle our human-superior modes of thinking. Visualising this realm helps her to envision a future beyond the climate and biodiversity crisis that is deeply respectful of all forms of life and consciousness.

Recently her interest in and love of horses was rekindled by the works of Franz Marc; his depictions of animals fully integrated into their landscapes. As a result her current paintings focus on the holistic interactions horses have with the land, depicting them in a way that acknowledges their potential as spiritual, conscious beings, navigating the shifting seasons. The horses have also become more symbolic as this work develops, creating their own mythological realm that is deeply rooted in the British landscape.




  • Pistil Collective ‘Water, Oil, Honey’ Crypt Gallery London 2024

  • Phoney Art Collective ‘Open Call’ Gallery Lock In 2024

  • 'Helios' Online Exhibition with Fern and Glade 2023

  • Art for Charity Collective ‘Summer Pop-Up’ 2023

  • ‘Small and Mighty’ curated by Ladies Drawing Club and Louise Fitzjohn 2023

  • Art on a PostCard War Child Auction, PV at Soho Revue London 2023

  • ‘Synergy’ Solo Show at Jupiter AM and The Hub Cafe London 2023

  • Anew Collective Edit 2023

  • Art and People ‘Precious Postcards’ 2023

  • Art on a Postcard Summer Auction, PV at The Other Art Fair London 2022

  • Book Launch “It’s About Time” 2022

  • Glyndebourne Tour Art Competition Online Exhibition September 2021 

  • Barcelona Contemporary June-July 2021

  • ‘Exhibition Touch’ Group Show July 2021

  • Refresh Art Award Online Gallery 2021-2022

  • Babylon Arts Online Showcase ‘I Matter’ May 2021

Interview and Book Features

  • ‘Heart of Hale’ Film Interview 2023

  • The Responsa Foundation ‘Artist Spotlight’ 2023

  • Poetry and Artwork Feature in ‘Its About Time’ , Book released 2022

  • Double Page Feature in the first edition of ‘SteelJackdaw’ Art magazine 2021 



  • Longlisted Kew Gardens Young Artist Prize 2023

  • One of eight winners, ‘This Difference’ Competition, Responsa Foundation 2021

  • Shortlisted Glyndebourne Tour Art Competition 2021

  • Shortlisted for ‘The Lurner Prize 2021’

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