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Chisara Vidale is a London based emerging artist whose work examines our connections to each other and the natural world. Working predominantly as a painter, her practice is an exploration of the complex intersections between the anthropological, the natural and the metaphysical. Her visual language explores the sense of fluidity between the land and our visceral experience of it; acting as a kind of mirror to the human experience of interacting with changes in light and biology. 

Chisara explores many cultures and faiths, drawing on our shared experience of reality and also her own connection to the natural world to create work.  Abstracted leaves, fungi, and flowers are often present in her paintings and she feels an acute connection to nature, its geometry and the cycle of the seasons.

Using primarily water-based mediums, oils and colour pencil, Chisara couples intricacy with a powerful use of colour, to create dynamic pieces. She is particularly interested in the movement of energy through lifeforms, and our interaction with this force.

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